The app that I use to help with my symptoms

(  originally post at habitica ADHD guild, use voice input so may have typo )
( Chinese version will be update late on )

Note: I am an iPhone user, fallowing apps may only available in Apple App Store.

Wunderlist: for long-term/shared project planing, like articles that I planed to write a blog essay-review or household chores with my family; (https://appsto.re/us/3wopy.i)

Reminder that came with my iPhone: I found out I talk to myself a lot, I activate Siri when I talk to myself, it helps with time sensitive and none repetitive task;

Caffitivity: environmental sound in western surrounding ,useful white noise that helps me focus;
( https://appsto.re/us/gZo6N.i )

Yoritsuki or Yoristuki for iPad: environmental sound in a Japanese style room, use as white noise; (iPhone: https://appsto.re/us/JR2au.i) (iPad: https://appsto.re/us/Z7LnB.i)

Wa Kingyo: gold fish with water splatter sound, use as white noise and visual white noise; ( https://appsto.re/us/D5qJt.i )

Tap Tap Fish: aquarium in your phone, music could be use as calming music and when it's mute can be use as visual white noise, but sometimes a bit distracting, it's design to be an addictive game after all; (can totally be replace with “2 hour glitter jar”: https://youtu.be/7fFNrl6czf4 )